Extreme body modifications- Implants

"I'm an artist. What I do in the flesh is my art form. Flesh is my medium."
--- Steve Hayworth, September 3, 1996

Tattoos and piercings, once reserved for criminals and subcultures are now being sported by business people, lawyers, politicians, and other fine, upstanding members of the community. So whats a freak to do to retain the edge without looking like a Yakuza poseur (amputation), or Mayan (trepannation)? A lot of buzz has recently been created within the body modification community with regards to the latest modifications walking out of Arizona. After a "Metal Mohawk" article appeared in Newsweek magazine (August 12, 1996) in which Jim Rose Circus founder Jim Rose mentionned a "basement surgery show", British media embraced the topic spreading wild stories of freaks with tails and antlers touring England. In fact, only Rose was touring, promoting a gin drink and the UK release of his book "Freak Like Me" without any of the freaks mentinoned, but truth never stood in the way of the tabloids! So what's next? Be on the watch for subdermal and transdermal implants!

Steve Hayworth is a medical device designer, working since 1984 designing and manufacturing equipment for plastic surgery at Hayworth Tech Company. When he sees need for new procedures or custom-made tools, Steve makes them himself, then does the deed. No plastic surgeon can claim that honour. As a matter of fact, the instruments designed to create the metal mohawk are not even available to the plastic surgery community. Hayworth is the man behind the modifications that make some APP (Association of Professional Piercers) members uncomfortable, although they are largely unfamiliar with his background.

Steve was a piercer for some years, and has generated many innovatinos in the piercing and branding fields, but insists that what he's doing does not, and should not have anything to do with body piercing. Piercers thinking about imitating his performances should reconsider- the techniques are completely different, and imitators may end up inadvertantly lacerating an unfortunate guinea pig. Piercing has given him some background on controlling cross-contamination, he concedes, but he is no longer a body piercer. Steve carefully researches each procedure and its implications and runs his findings by doctors in the medical community.

I recently called up pioneer Steve Hayworth, the man behind the modifications to discuss what he calls Three-Dimensional Modification. In his portfolio of note: the Metal Mohawk of Joe Aylward, Mr Lifto's forehead implants, and the Enigma's horns.

According to Hanky Panky and other artists around the world, Steve Hayworth is pioneering these procedures, and noone else has stepped up to imitate. Apparently, there is a "great deal of demand", but Hayworth is choosy with his clientele- a lifestyle commitment must be made, as well as commitment to aftercare, particularly in the case of transdermal implants- healing can be tricky. Steve is always interested in generating creative solutions and new 3-D modifications- who knows, maybe I may go for that unicorn look afterall, or take him up on his offer of a third eye! I can hardly wait for the next Jim Rose Circus tour (early 1997, promises Rose) to see whats growing!

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