The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Convenience Arms graphic (c) 2000 Jason Chambers

Convenience Arms created the world's first wide-spread Polymer One-Shot vending machines. The machines were placed in key vending locations throughout the "RustBelt" of the East Coast. They quickly became the target of gang attacks, and it became quite hazardous to have the job of reloading these units (as gangers would hang out around an empty machine to waylay the reload team and take their guns). Reload teams would be sent out with more weapons and armour to protect from these threats, resulting in a war of escalation between Convenience Arms and the gangs until it was no longer economical to reload the units in question, and they have since been left to rust away their days in dark alleys.

The second attempt at Convenient Vending Machines has been much more successful. These units have been built into the outside walls of firearms and munitions stores in major cities. They are reloaded from within the store, and the shipments of reloads are brought in with the store's regular shipments.

Convenience Arms graphic (c) 2000 Jason Chambers

Convenience Arms polymers use an aluminum barrel and internal workings wrapped in a cheap polymer frame in your choice of colours. Although somewhat more reliable than most Polymer One-Shots, these guns are without a detachable magazine and are non-reloadable. There is also no feed port or ejection system, so if the caseless system does jam, there is no way to clear the jam other than buying a new gun.

C O N V E N I E N C E   A R M S   D I S P O S A B L E
PST . +0 . J . E . 10mmCL . 10 . 1 . ST . 50m . 75eb

It's everything described above and more! Available with the custom "Easy Pull"tm Trigger System (ROF:2, +25eb) and a huge selection of styles and finishes, this is the convenient way to arm your teen!


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