The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project


(snitched with permission from the expired CyberPunk Web Archive by Paul Tobia)
(edited, updated and appended by Hound)

In line with current thinking here are yet more weapons for CYBERPUNK. These rules are for Dart Guns , (like you would hunt big game with etc), they tend to be non lethal and accepted by many people, (cops etc. ), who prefer them to the more *LETHAL* stuff most punks seem to tool up with.


RUSSELL....The munchkin from York......


Shooting, Hitting, Hurting
Roll to hit as normal for a firearm. Roll damage as indicated by the dartgun. Soft armour counts as 1/3 SP, Hard armour counts as full SP against Darts. Roll damage and apply any that gets through. If the armour is penetrated (damage = or betters SP) then they effects of the contents are applied.

Ammo and Air Supply
To fire these guns you will need standard 12g C02 cartridges. 1 cartridge is good for five shots and takes two full turns to change (you have to unscrew the cap, drop the cartridge, load the new one and screw the cap back on, thus breaking the seal on the new cartridge). 1 cartridge fits all and they cost 1eb each.

Dart PayLoad
The article includes some sample payloads for a dart gun. If your game has it's own chemical warfare listings (like the Project), disregard these ecxample loads and use normal chemical warfare agents at the standard list price plus 5 to 10 eb for the darts.


This highly advanced air pistol fires a dart which is filled with one of many options of liquid drugs or chemicals. The dart has a strong titanium needle and an integral syringe which is actuated by the impact.


This is the old hunting rifle used to knock out big game for capture.


This is the modern contemporary of the old Simpson hunting rifles used to knock out big game for capture.


When militech decided to enter the dart market they wanted to do it in a big way. So here it is. This weapon will hold two cartridges of air.
Rifle-2no waySpecial2D6101,3 or 1050m250eb


NOTE: Resist drugs skill allows the target to subtract current level/3 (round up) from any dice to avoid the effects of these loads and subtract 1 from the time the effect lasts for or current level/3 from any damage done by poison agents. Toxin Binders add -4 from your save dice roll, + toxin damage and + "down times".....


Target must make a stun save at -4 or fall asleep for 1D10 hrs (cannot be woken for + this time). If test passed target is drowsy and gets -4 to all stats for 1D10/2 hrs. Each shot after the first within 30mins applies an extra -4 modifier and an extra D6 hrs. More than three succesful hits will stop the average person breathing and kill them.

Cost 600eb per 5-pack.


Target must make a stun save at -2 of become unconcious for 1D10 mins, (cannot be woken). If the test is passed the victim is groggy and suffers -2 to all stats for 1D10 minutes Each shot after the first within 10 mins adds -2 to stun save and D6 minutes out cold. More than 6 hits will stop the target's heart killing them.

Cost 150eb per 5-pack.


Target must make a basic stun test or suffer -4 REF. If passed still suffer -2 REF. Lasts 2D10 turns. Multiple hits are cumulative. More than 5 hits in 5 mins has 75% chance of causing permanent brain damage, (INT = 2, -2 to all other stats).

Cost 75eb per 5-pack.


Target must make a basic save or be confused (-4 INT). Passing the test will halve this effect. Duration 2D10 turns. NOT cumulative.

Cost 150eb per 5-pack.


Target must make a basic save or suffer 4D6 damage. If passed only 2D6 occurs. Armour is ignored as this is a biotoxic damage applied directly to the wound track if the dart penetrates.

Cost 200eb per dart.


Target must pass a save at -4 or suffer 8D6 damage. Passing halves this.

Cost 300eb per dart.


Target must pass a save at a huge -7 or suffer 8D10 damage. If passed this is halved.

Cost 800eb per dart.


One shot of any of the drugs on page 122-123 of C.P.2020. can be loaded for the cost of one dose of that drug. An unmodified save is allowed to avoid this but the strength of the drug is added to your die roll. However subtract your current level of the resist drugs skill from your roll and or subtract 4 from the roll for toxin binders.