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Drug Manufacturing & Effects

Updated September 1st 1999

Please remember that these rules were written with Grimm's Cybertales in mind, which include quite alternate rules for CyberPsychosis using four sub-types of humanity loss. Any references to Egotism, Paranoia, Alienation and Obsession should be replaced with straight Humanity Loss (temp or permanent depending on what kind of effect) for those not playing with these rules.

Dosages, Overdoses & Drug Strength | Mixing Drugs

Primary Effects
Effect multiplier is multiplied by the strength of the effect (from 1 to 6)
Accelerator (add strength to initiative) 5x
Analgesic (add strength to stun saves) 4x
Antidote (add strength to saves) 6x
Aphrodisiac (add / sub str to emp) 2x
Concentrator (add 1/2 str to Int) 5x
Contraceptive (reverse the cumulative effect table for chance of pregnancy) 1x
Endurance (add str to Endurance) 2x
Euphoric (add 1/2 str to Cool) 2x
Hypnotic (Int - Str to resist suggestion) 5x
Net Enhancer (+1/2 Str to all net rolls, +STR to icon resolution)6x
Psychedelic (roll str or less on d6) 2x
Sedative (reduce stress by str) 3x
Soporific (Bod - str or fall asleep) 3x
Speed (add 1/2 str to Ref) 5x
Speedheal (add 1/2 str to healing rate) 6x
Stabilizer (make another stun and death save w/ stab bonus) 6x
Stimulant (add str to Awareness) 3x

Side Effects
Side effects are negative effects that occur while the drug's primary effects are also underway. The effect multiplier is multiplied by the strength of the effect.
Aggression (Cool - Str to avoid provocation) 2x
Alienation (add Str to Alienation) 2x
Analgesia (add Str to Stun Saves, GM records dmg) 1x
Anxiousness (add Str to Stress, - 1/2 str from Cool) 1x
Black Out (Int - Str to remember anything) 4x
Blank (cool - Str or go Catatonic) 3x
Clouded Thinking (subract 1/2 Str from Int & Tech) 2x
Convulsions (-1/2 Str from Ref) 2x
Death (Death save - Str) 5x
Delusions (Int - Str or believe delusions) 2x
Disorientation (Int - Str or become lost after any movement) 1x
Drowsiness (- Str Awareness, -1/2 Str Int, -1/3 Str Ref) 1x
Egotism (add Str to Egotism) 2x
Hallucinations (Str or less on d6 for a BAD trip) 3x
Immiscible (add 5x Str to any drug miscibility rolls)1x
Physical Reaction (str or less on d6 or SAVE - str to avoid incapacitation, if save succeeds reduce all rolls for duration by str. 3x
Obsession (add Str to Obsession) 2x
Paralysis (Cannot move - no Str rating)14pts
Paranoia (add Str to Paranoia) 2x
Poisonous (take D3/D6/D10/2D6+1/3D6/4D6 damage)3x
Sensitivity (reduce stun saves vs noise, light, etc by Str)2x
Time Distortion (distortion = 1/2 D6 + 1/2 Str) 3x

After Effects
After effects are negative effects that occur after the drug duration is over and then last for 2D6 hours. The effect multiplier is multiplied by the strength of the effect.

Anxiousness (add Str to Stress, -1/2 Str from Cool, Int check - Str to sleep) 2x
Blurry Vision (reduce Awareness & Missile attacks by Str)3x
Clouded Thinking (-1/2 Str to Int & Tech)3x
Convulsions (-1/2 Str to Ref) 3x
Death (Death save - Str) 5x
Depression (- 1/2 Str on all checks) 1x
Drowsiness (-Str Awareness, -1/2 Str Int, -1/3 Str Ref) 1x
Hunger (Int-Str or EAT. Otherwise treat as drowsy) 1x
Instant Addict (Cool-Str or instant addict, 1 dose / 12hrs) 5x
Sleepiness (Int-Str or sleep 2d6+4 hrs or treat as drowsy) 2x

Cummulative Effects
Cumulative Effects take place after the primary effects are worn off, but have a permanent duration. The strength of the effect indicates how large of a penalty is instated, and each time the drug is taken, this number is added to.

Str 1 0.1 / dose
Str 2 0.2 / dose
Str 3 0.5 / dose
Str 4 1.0 / dose
Str 5 1.5 / dose
Str 6 2.0 / dose

Alienation (add to Alienation) 2x
Amnesia (Int check dif = total effect to remember) 4x
Brain Degen (sub from Int) 5x
Carcinogen (5 rads x multiplier) 4x
Egotism (add to Egotism) 2x
Flashbacks (Cool roll vs total effect to avoid flashbacks) 3x
Insomnia (reduce total effect from insomnia checks) 2x
Nerve Degen (sub from Ref) 4x
Obsession (add to Obsession) 2x
Paranoia (add to Paranoia) 2x
Physical Addict (Bod roll vs total effect) 4x
Sensory Damage (Reduce Awareness checks)2x
Suicidal (Cool roll vs total effect) 5x
Temp. Tolerance (as tolerance, tolerance halved after drug's str in days) 1x
Tolerance (once total DL equals 5, drug has 1/2 effect. Once DL equals 10, drug has no effect) 2x

Onset Time and Duration This is the amount of time that passes from intake of the drug to the effects taking place, which will then occur for the duration.

    Timing mod	Onset Time		Duration
	-12	12 hours		15 seconds
	-8	6 hours			30 seconds
	-6	3 hours			1 minute
	-4	1 Hour			5 minutes
	-2	30 minutes		10 minutes
	-1	10 minutes		15 minutes
	0	1 minute		30 minutes
	+1	30 seconds		1 hour
	+2	15 seconds		3 hours
	+4	9 seconds		6 hours
	+8	4 seconds		12 hours
	+12	2 seconds		18 hours
	+14	1 second		1 Day
	+18	Instant			2 Days

Special - Detection and Residue
most drugs just ignore these modifiers. These affect the ease of detecting when someone is on a drug (dilated pupils, enhanced blush response, rapid breathing, change in voice or demeanor) as well as the ability to find residue of the drug after it's effects are over inside the blood and tissues of the user.

Detection				Residue

Distinctive		-4		Ample Residue	-4
Normal			0		Normal		0
Faint			+2		Little		+2
Very Faint		+4		Trace		+4
Invisible		+6		No Trace	+6

This is the format that the drug is taken in.
	Ingested	-2
	Injected	0
	Inhaled		+2
	Contact		+4

Difficulty of Production
To calculate the difficulty you have to add all the numbers from the drug creation process, pretending that all negative numbers are positive. This will produce a relatively large number for most drugs. Then compare this number to the following table to figure the difficulty to manufacture the drug in question.
Difficulty (based on absolute value of modifiers)
	30 or lower	Easy 		(10)
	31-50		Average 	(15)
	51-70		Difficult	(20)
	71-90		Very Diff	(25)
	91-110		Near Imposs.	(30)
	111+		Impossible	(35)

To determine the cost of a drug, Subtract the numbers from Side Effects, After Effects and Cummulative Effects from the number from the Primary effects. Then modify this number with the Duration, Onset Times, Detection and Residue and Format to determine the final price.

Value		Prototype	Small Batch		Mass Produced
-11 or lower	4eb		2eb/dose		0.5eb/dose
-10 to -6	10eb		5eb/dose		1eb/dose
-5 to 0		20eb		10eb/dose		5eb/dose
+1 to +5	50eb		25eb/dose		10eb/dose
+6 to +10	100eb		50eb/dose		25eb/dose
+11 to +15	200eb		100eb/dose		50eb/dose
+16 to +20	400eb		200eb/dose		100eb/dose
+21 to +25	600eb		300eb/dose		150eb/dose