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Shotgun Ammunition Types

Hardwired method Each pellet fired does D10 damage, and the shot is treated as burst fire. So each point you roll over the To Hit number puts another pellet into your target (at close range all the hits are to one location)
For CP 2020, the shot is treated as a single hit, with damage dropping off over range. Use whichever system you like, as these rules work with Both
NB this system is set up for 12 gauge (18mm) shotguns. Other gauges of shotgun will be covered later (.410, 20g, 12g, 10g)

Standard 00 Shot
Little lead balls, usually 8 '00' buckshot in each cartridge. They each have energies similar to a 9mm round, but they will strike the target together (especially at close range). at point blank range they strike as one, causing horrible damage. Under normal choke, shot spreads about 1" per yard travelled. (approx.) To account for this in CP2020, all damage from shot at close range is doubled.
(yes I know that this does 8D6 to an unarmoured victim, which is straight to mortal 1, but hey, these things are deadly).
Of course, as each pellet only has the energy of a 9mm, almost any 2020 armour will stop a shotgun blast.
Armour Sp is doubled against shot.
00 buck
D10 each, pen A , 8 per round
4D6 damage, doubled at PB, Armour Sp x2 [drops to 3d6 and 2d6]
range 50m
000 buck
D6 each, pen A, 10 per round
4d6, doubled at PB, armour Sp x2 [drops to 2d6+2 and d6+1]
range 50m

Tracer shot
This has a tracer in the middle of the shot, allowing more accurate autofire (as normal tracer ammo) and doing an additional d6/2 each turn from burns if the tracer pellet hits (1/8 chance for 00, 1 in 10 for 000)

Plastic shot
Used in riot control, and orbital facilities with weak walls. The damage is the same, but its even worse against armour and the damage drops off a lot faster over range. damage as normal, but half all ranges Armours SP is x3 (PEN 0)

Tungsten shot
Tungsten is quite a heavy element, and tungsten carbide is very hard, (it's used for the edges on lathe tools and the penetrators in AP rounds). TC pellets hold kinetic energy longer, penetrate armour better and do more damage. Armour is not Doubled against TC shot (PEN B)

Flechettes are fin or drag stabilised darts that do not deform on impact with the target. instead they knife straight through, bending in soft tissue into fishhooks that travel through flesh tearing open horrid wounds. The flechette load does the same damage as normal shot, but counts as Armour piercing (1/2 sp, 1/2 damage that penetrates) at up to medium range. After that, treat damage as normal (PEN C at medium, B at long)

SHOT Loading

Layer loaded
By layering the shot in the shell with cardboard spacers, the rate of dispersal can be reduced. This keeps the cloud of shot together . If the shotgun hits with one pellet , then this layering means that a second pellet will automatically hit a random location before your score is compared with the TN to see how many other hits are scored.
Cost as normal

Cross loaded
This has the shot spaced by cardboard spacers into four vertical columns. The cross shaped divider makes the shot spread more rapidly than usual. If used at Medium range of better, this expansion give a better chance of hitting at least once, giving a +1 to hit bonus. This bonus is ignored once one pellet hits, so it doesn't effect the chances of multiple hits
Cost as normal

Well, I'm not sure about this, but in theory, using magnetic steel shot should keep all of the shot together until they hit. All the pellets that hit will hit the same location at the same time. Usable only with normal shot. At Point Blank, Close and Medium ranges all the pellets hit the same location, At long and extreme range they spread out like normal shot.
Cost x2

ShotGun Slugs
Instead of firing several pellets, shotguns can be used like 18mm cannon to fire single rounds.
Large lead slugs fired from a smoothbore shotgun do not have the range or accuracy of rifle rounds, but they do have about the same energy as a 7.62 round
Damage 6d6, range 50m, PEN C

Rifled slugs
These are spun in the barrel to give them a straighter line of fire, allowing longer ranged accurate shots.
Damage 6d6, range 100m PEN C

Armour piercing
Usually a slug with a tungsten carbide rod as a penetrator, these slugs can penetrate the side armour of APC's and shatter cars engine blocks.
Damage 6D6, Armour Sp halved, range 50m PEN E

Ball bearing
Instead of a lead slug, ball bearing rounds use a large steel ball-bearing
Damage 5D6, range 30m PEN C

The Hatton round is a high powered slug used as a door breaker by SWAT and special forces.
Damage 7D6, range 10m PEN D

Rubber ball
These are 'stun' munitions designed for riot control.
Below 3m, damage is 1/2 real,1/2 stun. Over 3m, only 1 point is real, the rest is stun only.
Damage 5D6, range 25m PEN A at PB

Brennece (SP) Slug
The Brennece slug has the wadding that usually separates the powder from the slug fixed onto the slugs base by an axial screw. This makes the slug effectively longer, heavier and more stable in flight without having to add anymore mass to the round. The wadding in most rounds just falls away and is wasted.
Damage +2, Can be added to any impact slug, (not the grenades)
Cost x1.5

Ninety Cent Special
By loading nine Dimes into a round instead of shot, a crude slug can be made. Accuracy isn't amazing, and range is poor, but when it hits the effects are quite nasty. Against armour its penetration is poor, but the trauma it leaves means the target will KNOW they were hit
Accuracy -2, SP is doubled, Damage 5D6, Damage drops off as the coins start to spread, 4D6 at long, 3D6 at extreme
Cost $0.90 plus weapon smith EASY roll for each slug made

The Rocket Assisted Projectile is a slug with a rocket motor, which ignites just after firing. As it accelerates throughout its flight, it has more energy at longer ranges.
Range 50m (PEN B/B/C/C/C from PB to Extreme)
4D6+1 PB, Burns for 5 rds
5D6 close, burns for 4 rds
6D6 medium, burns for 3 rds
7D6 long, burns for 2 rds
7D6+3 Extreme, burns for 1 round
Also does D6/2 burn damage from remaining fuel, for a number of turns based on fuel remaining (see range)

High Explosive Grenade
These are small grenades designed to 'neutralise' cars, rooms, doors etc
Target: 5D6 dmg (PEN C), 2m Area 3D6 dmg

Small shaped charges that detonate on impact, these grenades have no blast areas, but the shaped charge cuts through armour like a knife.
Target Damage 5D6, armour SP x1/4 (PEN F)

CS ferret-chemical penetrators
These are designed to shoot through light cover like interior doors and deliver CS or other gases.
Damage Target 3D6 (Pen B) + 2m cloud of gas

CS canister-chemical impact
These are designed to deliver CS or other gases, and they burst on impact with the target.
Damage Target 2D6 (Pen A) + 3m cloud of gas

These are small fragmentation grenades that detonate on impact, throwing fragnments across an area.
Damage Target 5D6, 3m Area 2D6

These deliver a cloud of smoke, bursting on impact with a target
2D6 dmg (PEN A) +3m cloud of smoke

Flare / illumination / incendiary
These illuminate a 30m area if fired into the air, If fired into a target they do 2D6+2 and burns for d6/2 a round for another 5 rounds.

These are the nastiest shotgun rounds available (both for you, your shotgun and your victim) The shell is loaded with thermite powder, which ignites when fired, producing a jet of fire and molten iron droplets at over 2000 degrees. The heat of firing warps the shotgun barrel, lowering reliability one class and lowering WA by 1 for all other types of munition.
If used to fire dragons breath rounds several times the shotgun may become dangerous (the more complex the shotgun, the more likely it is to jam or warp)
As a rule, dragonsbreathe can only be safely fired from break open shotguns, as all others are prone to malfunction and jam or warp.
When you fire, the jet of flame spreads out rapidly.
Basic range is 5m. (The jet is 1m wide at this range)
Damage is 2D6 per location per round
At PB, you hit ONE location D6/2 times and yourself once (Av luck roll to avoid the backwash)
Using Dragonsbreathe at point blank range is BAD as the flame can hit the target, rebound and wash back over you, doing damage as if you were at close range.
At CLOSE range, roll two locations. You hit both of these locations and Every Location between (use the numbers as a guide- so a roll of 2 and 7 will hit 2-4 Torso plus 5 R arm plus 6 L arm plus 7 leg, for a total of four locations covered)
Armour Sp takes the damage as armour damage straight of its Sp.
Skinweave and internal armour do precious little, having only HALF its normal SP, and taking damage half to internal armour/half to victim.
The Damage lasts for D6+1 rounds at close, D6 at medium and D6/3 at long range.
When on fire its a very difficult (25) Cool roll to act normally (20 if you are trying to put out the flame)

These are State of the Art anti armour/anti borg rounds quite capable of killing light tanks or Dragoons. The 18mm shell is composed of a very high density ceramic casing containing six superconductor loops and a seventh smaller loop, all pumped to very high voltages. A central hollow runs the length of the tube, a small funnelled opening at the front and a wide cone opening at the back. The centre of the tube is a spherical chamber lined with a highly refractory alloy. Four Invar rods with sharp barbs run the length of the casing, resting on the superconductor loops with non conductive knife edges.
The Seventh loop is held away from the spherical chambers refactory lining by a plastic rod that passes the length of the central chamber.
When fired, the plastic rod falls away at PB range, arming the slug.
The seventh loop discharges into the chamber lining, superheating it. The air passing down the central hollow is heated and expelled from the wide cone in the base. this acts as a simple ramjet, accelerating the slug at high speed.
If the round strikes a target the sudden shock throws the INVAR rods forward, breaking the six main loops and discharging them into the ceramic body. This is powerful enough to plasmarise the body and electrify the target. If the round reaches a Pre-set distance without impact, the expansion of the body will pull the invar rods back onto the coils and plasmarise the round in mid air. The resulting Bolt of plasma will loose coherency as it travels.
Point Blank
Impact does 6D6 damage. The plastic safety bar has not come free, so the round is not armed. The slug may pass through the target and arm later if it beats the targets SP, or it may lodge and go off on a later round (luck 15 each round target moves- fail and the slug does damage as close range)
Close Range
The round is accelerating. Slug damage 7D6
On impact, the round plasmarises.
Damage is 4D10 +4 from the plasma, ignoring soft armour and quartering hard. armour takes the damage its location receives off its SP.
NB treat the slug 7D6 and the Plasma 4D10+4 as a Single strike for the purpose of armour penetration, so only armour left after the slug impact can oppose the plasma (this represents the slug digging into the target) The Shock does BODY 30 damage. roll Body +D10. If you get 30 or better, the shock has no effect. any less and you take D6 + amount failed the roll by in burn damage and are unconscious for minutes equal to the amount the roll was missed by Powered Armour and Full Borgs don't take shock damage like normal
Powered Armour always shuts down for D6 minutes as the Breakers are triggered and the Pilot takes the Body 30 shock, plus half the damage that penetrated the SP
Full Borgs shut down for D6 minutes and the shock can cripple the biopod that the brain and spinal cord are stored in. If the shell hits the location the Biopod is in, borg looses D6 from Int and Ref. Int damage is brain damage, and if INT drops to 0 the victim is brain dead. Ref damage is hardware damage and can be repaired.
Medium range
The round is still accelerating. Slug damage is now 8D6
On impact, the round plasmarises. Damage is 4D10 +4 from the plasma, ignoring soft armour and quartering hard Armour . Armour takes the damage its location receives off its SP.
NB treat the slug 8D6 and the Plasma 4D10+4 as a Single strike for the purpose of armour penetration, so only armour left after the slug impact can oppose the plasma (this represents the slug digging into the target)
The Shock damage is the same as for close range.
LONG range
The shell will plasmarise at the start of long range.
The Bolt of plasma does 4D10+4 damage to anything it strikes, ignoring soft armour and quartering hard armour. The armour takes the full damage as armour damage to its SP
Extreme range
The bolt is breaking up, loosing coherency
Damage is only 3D10+2.ignoring soft armour and quartering hard armour.
The armour takes the full damage as armour damage to its Sp
The range at which the round plasmarises can be varied on manufacture, allowing rounds with increased range, no point blank 'safe' zones, or no safety plasmarisation at long range.