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>(You can suspend a frog in a magnetic field - I've seen pictures - and
>frogs are not noticably magnetic. But I would not think that frogs would make
>a practical type of ammo for a coil gun. The efficiency of the energy
>transfer would suck, and I'm not sure how the ammo feed mechanism would work.
>On the other hand, some of them secrete some rather effective poisons which
>could increase their effectiveness, but also complicate the ammo storage.)

Taken from a high-tech weapons discussion on

At the 2020 tech level a Magnetic Frog Cannon is less than 100% effective,
but is still a functional "weapon".

The Frog Cannon

The Magnetic Frog Cannon
HVY . -2 . N . P . frog . 20 . 1/4 . UR . 150m . 5,500eb

The Magnetic Frog Cannon is the Polymer-One-Shot of 21st Century Magnetic Weapons. The basic workings are covered in a two-tone green polymer covering (available in stripes, spots or lightning flash patters), concealing a relatively ineffective railgun. The weapon's capacitors take over 10 seconds to recharge after discharging into the weapon system. In addition the integral battery pack only contains enough juice to recharge the capacitors 5 times before requiring a recharge themselves, and since they aren't removeable, this means plugging the whole 1.5m long weapon into a wall-socket for 8 hours.

The action itself fires an "interesting" ammo load, being a 3cm rubber frog-shaped bag filled with steel shot (although it has been found that those really small rubber duckies filled with similar shot also work in the weapon, but decrease reliability of the feed system by one class). Some overly-optimistic design tech built the unit to contain 20 frogs in the internal magazine, which would take overl 24 hours to fire!

The frogs deal their damage through sheer momentum - something they just don't have enouogh of. Against an unarmored target the weapon does 1d6 real damage and 3d6 stun. Against soft armor targets it deals just the 3d6 stun damage, and against hard armor roll the 3d6 stun damage, make your stun save against it and then immediately recover from the damage dealt (therefore quite possibly knocking you on your ass, but nothing more).

The recoil of the weapon is still somewhat stiff for such a pathetic weapon, and has been found innapropriate for small children (DUH). Other experiments have included loading the weapon with beanie-babies that have been filled with steel shot, but the beanie-baby almost always errupted in the firing mechanism when the magnetic fields were brought to bear, thus requiring 3-5 rounds of vigorously shaking the weapon with the barrel aimed at the ground to clear it of all the shot.