The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Casino Gambling

First off, a character must choose how much money they are willing to win/lose in an hour of play. (Standard amounts are abt 1,000eb per hour for a normal character, 10,000eb for High Rollers). They then indicate how much of a profit they are aiming to make with this money from the table below.

Break EvenDif 17
25% ProfitDif 22
50% ProfitDif 26
100% ProfitDif 30

These difficulties are for a typical Atlantic City or Vegas casino. Smaller casinos are either easier (by 1-4 points) or more difficult (by 1-4 points) because they either fix their games or are making various mistakes that make them easier to take. Newer Casinos usually have an easier difficulty as they attempt to attract traffic and clients.

Failed RollEffect
1-5 pointsLose 25% of Capital
6-10 pointsLose 50% of Capital
11+ pointsLose all of Capital
FumbleLose 50% more than Gambled

example: Average Joe (Int 7, Gamble +3) Plays a $1,000 stake to win (dif 22) and rolls average (6) therefore failing by 6 points, and losing half his capital in an hour.

example: Joe Pro (Int 9, Gamble +7) Plays a $10,000 stake conservatively (dif 22) and rolls average (6), therefore succeeding and winning $2,500.

If a roll is succeeded by 10 or more, treat it as if the character had been playing for the next larger take (25% profit becomes 50% profit, etc). For a maximum of 1 hour per night, a Character may use his/her luck instead of Int as the base for the Gamble skill.