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SubMachine Guns
Assault Rifles
Automatic Pistols
Civilian Rifles


Hopefully this is building up to be one of the most (if not the most) complete listings of Heckler and Koch products, all converted to CP2020 terms. Conversion to fusion is simple, since I don't list weapon damages in my articles, you just cross-reference the munitions fired by the gun with other weapons firing the same ammo load to determine the damage in your game system.
To date (May 1st 1999), the listings for modern Factory Model SMGs and Assault Rifles have been completed, as well as all the HK weaponry from the official CyberPunk products. This list lacks the specialist after-market weapons that exist such as the MP5KSD, but they may be added in time (otherwise, just buy an MP5K and have a good gunsmith add an integral silencer).
If you notice any weapons that are missing from these lists, Please inform us so we can add them as soon as possible.