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Episode 1 - SMGs

This is meant to be a fairly exhaustive list of SubMachine Gun-style weapons manufactured by Heckler & Koch. Some variants may be missing, and some stats may seem somewhat out of whack... but that's how it goes. If you have material to add to this list, please e-mail me. Most of this article was written back in 1995, with some additions (UMP-45, MP5-TX) in 1999. The stats for the MP5A2 and MP5K were taken from the first edition CyberPunk's Friday Night FireFight rulebook, and the rest of the non-fiction weapons were extrapolated from there. The fictional guns are verbatim from the 2nd Edition CyberPunk books and supplements they are drawn from, and the MP5-TX is converted here from Shadowrun.
I did not include the Model 53 in this listing on purpose, as I consider it an assault rifle, or at least a hybrid assault carbine instead of an SMG, and it will hopefully appear in Episode 2 - Rifles.

Real SMGs (pre 2000)
VP 70-MSMG+0J/LR9mm182/3VR50m500 eb

The VP70-M was a select-fire machine pistol, capable of semi-auto fire and 3-round burst fire. The pistol is sold with a polymer stock, and is only capable of semi-auto fire when drawn. The holster, when reversed, locks onto the back of the pistol as a buttstock, and has the selective-fire switch. The weapon is restricted to 3-round burst fire because the natural cyclic rate is 2200 RPM, making it buck uncontrollably in full-autofire.


The MP5 (the basic variant being the MP5A2) has been practically synonymous with anti-terrorist operations since it's introduction. The MP5 fires 9mm cased ammunition from a 30-round magazine with a cyclic rate of 800 RPM. The MP5A2 variant has a fixed buttstock and measures 26.77 inches, while the MP5A3 has a retracting stock (which doesn't reduce the size enough to bring it to J concealability, at 21 inches). Barrel length in both variants is 8.85 inches, and both weight just around 5.6 lbs (with the retractable stock A3 variant weighing slightly more than the fixed stock A2). The A1 variant has no stock, but instead has a buttcap with sling base designed for underarm concealed carry.


The MP5SD series are integrally silenced versions of the standard MP5 series. These weapons have long been considered to be one of the quietest, most efficient submachine guns on the market. Ported barrels bring the velocity of standard (supersonic) 9mm ammunition to a subsonic level. Older versions of this weapon had non-replaceable silencers, while the newer ones have removable silencers. Both weapons are just over 30 inches long, weigh in at 7-8 pounds and have shorter, 5.73 inch, ported barrels before the silencer assembly. The A2 variant has a fixed stock, while the A3 variant has the standard retractable stock.


When the market dictacted that HK offer their submachine guns in some of the newer caliber that the law enforcement agencies had moved to, they produced their first major upgrade to the MP5 line. The MP5/40 is chambered in the .40 Smith & Wesson load popular with many police forces, and was their first weapon in an exclusively American load. The .40 caliber MP5 has a high degree of parts interchangeability with the 9mm series. Once again, the A2 variant has a fixed stock, while the A3 has the standard HK retractable stock. These weapons also use straight semi-transparent polymer magazines instead of the standard curved steel magazines of the previous versions.


In 1994 the FBI adopted the MP5/10A3 as their new standard submachine gun. The 10mm variants are otherwise identical to the .40S&W variants, with a full length of 27 inches, or 21 with the stock retracted. They weigh around 6 lbs and both have cyclic rates of 800RPM as the standard MP5 series.


The MP5K is an incredibly compact edition of the MP5 series, designed for concealed underarm carry under a standard jacket. The shorter stroke results in a higher cyclic rate (over 900RPM), and the weapon comes standard with a fore-grip to increase controllability during auto-fire, and an additional guard was installed beyond it to prevent the firer from accidentally placing a finger over the end of the barrel. The MP5K comes with both 15 and 30 round magazines, interchangeable with the full-sized MP5 series. The MP5K does not normally come with any kind of stock, but has a sling-attachment buttcap instead. The entire weapon is under 13 inches long with a 4.5 inch barrel and weighs 4.4 pounds.


The PDW stands for "Personal Defense Weapon". This variant of the MP5K submachine gun comes equipped with a folding stock designed to snap into place as the weapon is being drawn, to provide a compact yet very stable shooting platform. The PDW was originally designed for use by the navy and air force for aircraft crew, providing them with a more capable sidearm than the standard beretta M9.


The UMP-45, released just before the turn of the millennium, has several differences to the rest of the line of MP5s. The "Universal Machine Pistol" is chambered in .45ACP and is somewhat longer, yet 1.5 pounds lighter, than the MP5K-PDW. It has a somewhat lower cyclic rate than the rest of the MP5 series, and is equipped with a robust folding stock reminiscent of the HK G36 assault rifles that pivots to the right side of the receiver when folded. The black polymer magazine has a transparent window on the side for a quick ammo count, and is available in 10 and 30 round capacities

Fictional SMGs (2000 to 2020)

A light composite submachine gun with high quality sights. The evolution of the MK5K to the new caseless loads. Used by many Eurosolos, this has become the industry mainstay. The MPK-9 does not come equipped with any form of stock, but after-market collapsing stocks are available. [CP2020]


Hecker & Koch's updating of the MP-5 SD line. Manufactured in the reduced style of the MP5K line, with compound plastics, chambered in 10mm Caseless and utilizing an internal silencer, the MP-2013 is a classic black-operations weapon system. [CP2020]

Bullpup MPK11Carbine MPK11SMG MPK11

Possibly the most used Solo's gun in existence, the MPK-11 can be modified into three different designs, including a bullpup configuration, standard SMG and an assault carbine, the MPK-11 will also accept a grenade launcher mount. [CP2020]


The HK MPK-2020 is a descendant of the MP5 and G3 assault rifle. In 2015, special forces units in Europe were looking for a replacement for their main short-range assault weapons. After detailed discussion with units such as GSG-9, the SAS, GIGN and Corporate strike teams, HK produced a caseless 12mm laser- or smartchipped assault carbine. Slightly longer than the MP5, the MPK 2020 is compact enough to be carried in a thigh or long shoulder holster. Its 60 round magazine is deemed large enough fro an initial attack without having to worry about reloading. Uncommon outside of Europe, this weapon is now a mainstay of anti-terrorism and special forces units in the EuroTheatre. [Rough Guide UK]

MP-5 TXSMG+2JP10mmCL20/3020VR100m950eb

Adapting the MP-5 K series models to the 10mmCL round, Heckler & Koch has come up with another winner with the MP-5 TX. Voted favorite new weapon at the Paris Arms Show last year, the MP-5 TX is built with high-impact plastics in the UMP sytle and includes an integral laser sight (+1 WA included above) in the forearm. The MP-5 TX does not include any stock, but two companies are offering after-market stocks, one folding in the PDW style, and one fixed. [Street Samurai Catalog]