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The Revised LifePath

This version of the LifePath table incorporates the use of Luck and Empathy stats, as well as attempting to help balance out starting moneys to be appropriate for the power level of the game. D3-1 rolls are made on the table each year, starting at age 16, to determine a character's past. Since the number is variable now, it is strongly recommended that the game master supervise the rolls; and you have to be willing to dig up one of those old D&D to-hit D20s.

Life Events
1 - 4 : Big Problems, Big Wins
5 - 8 : Friends & Enemies
9 - 0 : Romantic Involvement

Big Problems, Big Wins!
You've been having your way with the world, now the world comes back to give you some of your own. Taking risks has it's advantages, but sometimes it's just not worth it.

Roll 1D20+LUCK. If the result is a 15 or higher, you score big! Otherwise you take a hit.
roll these events on the tables that follow.

You Get Lucky!
1 . Make a powerful connection in City Government. Roll 1D10. 1-4, Police Dept. 5-7, District Attorney's Office. 8-10, in the Mayor's Office. Take the time to give them a name and a reason why you know them.

2 . Financial Windfall. You scored BIG this year and went on a Tri-State shopping spree. Nowadays you still have (D10 x 100 x Special Ability) euro of extra gear left over to show for it.

3 . Big Score. After all was said and done, your bank account is still (D10 x 50 x Special Ability) euro better off than it was last year. How you scored this extra dough is up to you.

4 . Find a Sensei or jack into a Kung Fu Fighting simstim way too much. Add +2 to any Martial Arts skill (or start a new one). Figure out your sensei's name and whether she runs a dojo and whether you are still in contact.

5 . Find a Teacher. Add +2 to any INT or TECH based skill, or begin a new one.

6 . Powerful Corporate Exec owes you a favor.

7 . Local Wildlife Likes You. Either a local Boostergang or Nomad Pack takes a shine to you. You can call on them for a favor per month at the equivalent of Family +2.

8 . Make a Friend on the Police Force. You may use her for inside information with a base ability of 15+d10 on any police-related situations. Give her a name, rank and department and a reason why on earth she should be helping you.

9 . Find a Combat Teacher. Add +2 to any weapon skill (Melee, Firearms, etc) or begin a new weapon skill.

10 . Clear Your Name. Either you proved yourself in the right (unlikely) or you skipped town and bought new shoes. Either way, clear your criminal record and severely reduce the chance of anyone hunting you of showing up. Except for enemies that is. They always seem to stick around.

Disaster Strikes!
1 . Debt. You in debt up to your eyeballs (1D10 x 100 x Special Ability) to a financial institution or friend or loanshark (depending on the size of the debt, your social standing, and what kind of friends you have). You cannot pay this during character creation, it must be payed off during game-play.

2 . Imprisonment. You spent some time in jail. Roll D20+INT. 1-12, you were in the can for D6 years (roll life events on the prison table). 13+ you were in for 1D10 months. By the way, you now have a criminal record.

3 . Illness or Addiction. You were exposed to a Bio-Plague, deficient nano-tech or nasty street / combat drug, or you are currently addicted to a strong drug. Either reduce REF by 1 or choose a drug to be firmly addicted to (with GM's supervision).

4 . Betrayal. You have been backstabbed. Roll 1D10. 1-3, you are being blackmailed. 4-7, a secret was exposed and is still haunting you. 8-10, you were betrayed by a close friend.

5 . Accident. 1-4, You have collected some heavy scars (-1 ATT). 5-7, You were hospitalized for d10+2 months. 8-9, You have lost memory of d10+2 months. 10, You still relive nightmares of that horrible event.

6 . Lover, Friend or Relative Killed. 1-5, they died accidentally. 6-8, they were murdered by unknown parties. 9-10, you are pretty certain who murdered them. But you have no proof.

7 . False Accusation. When someone meets you there is a good chance that if they recognize you (roll against Rep) they will also have heard of this. 1-3, the accusation is theft (and people won't trust you near their stuff). 4-5, it's cowardice. 6-8, it's Murder. 9, it's Rape. 10, it's lying or betrayal.

8 . Hunted By The Law. 1-3, a few local cops want your ass. 4-6, you are wanted by the local force for "questioning". 7-8, State Police or Militia. 9-10, It's the FBI, DEA, NSA or (goddess forbid) the CIA.

9 . Hunted By A Corp. 1-3, a small local firm. 4-6, larger, statewide corp. 7-8, big, national corp with offices in major cities worldwide. 9-10, The Big Boys.

10 . Mental Breakdown. Roll D20+EMP. 1-11, it's a mental disorder, you suffer phobias, or schizophrenia, split personalities or some other happy shiny insanity. 12+ you just couldn't handle things for a while back there, and have had to take time out to put your head back together.

Friends And Enemies
These are the people in Your neighbourhood, and how you interact with them will affect how they will interact with you. Some people seem to collect friends around them to help pad them from the hostile 2020 environment, Others look at society and see only competition and hostility.

Roll 1D20+[(LUCK+EMP)/2]. If the result is 15 or higher, You Made A Friend!
Otherwise the world is still out to get you.

Roll up the actual friend or enemy using the CP2020 rules, P28.

Romantic Involvement
They say there is more to life than just combat and bad breaks. But we all know how romance end up, right?

1-3, Happy Love Affair
4-5, Tragic Love Affair
6-8, Love Affair With Problems
9-0, Fast Affairs and Hot Dates

Roll these up on the CP2020 Lifepath tables, P29.