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CyberPunk 2021

Feeling Lucky, Punk?
Cards from thee mighty Luck Deck

After 10 (?!?!) years of playing this game I've noticed that many a player will never use those floating bonus points provided by their luck stat they have during game play... At least, not until they get shot. Some players will then use them all on their Death Save rolls, while others will allow their characters with Trauma Team accounts to die and then spend all their luck on the resurrection roll. (Except for the character that Trauma Team never showed up for...)

These rules provide for an excellent way to increase a player's willingness to use their luck points, as well as forcing them not to use all of them on death saves. This system introduces a deck of pre-prepared Luck Cards or a Luck Table. Each player draws one card at the beginning of a game session for every luck point their character has (or rolls once on the table if you are not using the cards). These cards can only be used as indicated, as many of these cards produce better effects than normal luck points, but can only be spent on specific types of actions.

Of all the rules and stuff added on these pages, these rules produced the best reaction amongst the play group they were introduced to (The Night City Cru), and have created spin-offs of this deck in other RPGs run by members of the Night City Cru. I printed up the cards two to an index card and then cut the index cards in half, producing a nice deck of 200 cards. If you just shrug at everything else on these pages, I truly recommend you at least give these rules a play-test.

GMs not wishing to use the Campaign or Subplots may substitute them for a +2 on any roll, or make up cards of their own, or allow players to reroll.

CyberPunk 2021

Sample Luck Card . . . . Sample Luck Card . . . . Sample Luck Card
01 Campaign This card makes any SUBPLOT permanent, if the referee agrees.
02-04 Too Much This card makes any botch or failed roll into such a success that the player should wish they had just failed.
05-80 Luck +1 on any action
81-00 Adrenaline +3 on REF, STR/BOD or MA roll
101-120 Willpower +3 on INT, TEK or COOL roll
121-140 Presence +3 on EMP, ATT, or LUCK roll
141-145 Haste Gain first initiative this round
146-150 Second Chance Re-roll a failed action
151-154 Effect Effect of any succeeded roll is increased by 2 (change hit loc by 2, +2 damage, ½ normal time to succeed, etc)
155-157 Breakthrough +3 to any roll involving a skill the character does not have
158-162 Support +3 to any other character's action by providing roleplayed support and playing this card
163-166 Rally All players may draw one card into their pools in exchange for this card and a rallying call or event.
167-169 Seize Initiative use to either keep last round's initiative before rolling this round's or use to re-roll this round's initiative
170-171 Idea The PunkMaster (referee) will give you a hint regarding a specific unsolved problem in the adventure
172-175 Claim Replace this card at any time for the last card discarded or played by any player
176-178 Leadership You may give any 2 cards you have to other players and replace them with new cards from the stack
179-180 Opponent Fails This card negates an opponent's successful action against you only.
181 Double Cross +6 on any action that directly betrays the rest of the party
182-184 Connection You know someone in the area who can aid you
185-188 Alertness You notice a previously unseen item, character or clue. Set this card out facing the GM
189-192 Common Ground You establish some common ground with an otherwise alien or unknown being or group. Set this card out facing the GM
193-194 Nemesis SUBPLOT Someone in the area has a grudge against the character (or vice versa if ref approves). If you play this card, gain 2 cards from the stack to replace it.
195 Romance SUBPLOT You attract a romantic interest. If you play this card, gain 2 cards from the stack to replace it.
196-198 Personal Stake SUBPLOT You have some vested interest in this situation. If you play this card, gain 2 cards from the stack to replace it.
199 Mitaken Identity SUBPLOT You bear a marked resemblance to someone else in this area and are mistaken for them. If you play this card, gain 2 cards from the stack to replace it.
200 Suspicion SUBPLOT You are suspected of being guilty of an act you may or may not have performed. If you play this card, gain 2 cards from the stack to replace it.