The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

The weapons presented over the next 6 pages are adapted from the Target Games RPG "The Mutant Chronicles", a future-gothic fantasy roleplaying game. Most weapons presented in those rules used improbably large munitions or dealt out widespread death fairly randomly. I have purposely not included conversions for most of their heavy weapons, and the rest are mostly MilSpec armament and should be kept quite rare in most game environs.

I have purposefully reduced the stats on these weapons from how they were presented in the rulebooks and comics, and hope that you can deal with this in the interest of game balance. Also these weapons have disproportionally high price tags, reflecting the small size of their manufacturer's in the Punk 2020 world.

Reliabilities on the weapons are drawn dirrectly from the RPG stats, and I have made no effort to adapt the Imperial Corporation's Plasma-based weaponry to CyberPunk.

Mishima Corporation Weapons are the closest to 2000-era firearms, generally firing standard-sized munitions from bullpup automatic weapons.

CyberTronic Corporation Weapons are always ergonomically-designed bullpup weapons made of a state-of-the-art orbital alloy action wrapped in a high-impact polymer shell. They are well known for good balance and long endurance.

Imperial Corporation Weapons are squat, high-caliber weapons of fairly generic design.

Bauhaus Corporation Weapons are well-known for their incredibly reliable design and the use of critically-angled magazines and caseless munitions.

Capitol Corporation Weapons' rifles are based on the Colt CAR-15 design built to a higher caliber, and their handguns use massively high-caliber munitions.

Independant Weapons include all independantly built weapons, brotherhood firearms and doomtrooper-specific guns.