The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Mutant Chronicles

Sci Fi Starrior 7

PST 1 J E 9mm 20 2 UR $65

The Sci Fi Starrior 7 is the 2020 Kang Tao release to the polymer market. Based on the blaster from Star Wars, the Starrior 7 has distinct mauser stylings and is made of strong impact-resistant plastics. The Starrior would almost be considered a capable handgun, but the plastics have proved to be quite brittle at high pressure and the firing assembly has been known to shatter.
Sci-Fi Starrior 7

Teen Dream 2000

SMG +0 J C 9mm 15 30 X $85

The Teen Dream 2000 has hit the streets! Now better than ever, with three times the cyclic rate of the Original Best-Seller!! New and Improved! Better Plastics! More Powerful Munitions! Better heat resistant polymers! More exclamation marks than ever before!!! Only melts 25% of the time in autofire! Comes with two full magazines of hot-loaded 9mm ammo!! (+1 damage per die, -1 reliability).
Teen Dream 2000

Teen Dream 6000XL

SMG +0 J C 9mm 15 30 X $120

New and Improved! The Teen Dream 6000XL! Featuring Superior Materials and Workmanship than the Teen Dream 2000! Three Times the Cyclic rate of the Original Teen Dream, with a more powerful, armor-defeating load!!!!
(this weapon is exactly the same as the Teen Dream 2000, but comes with Hot-Load AP ammo instead of regular hot loads)
Teen Dream 6000

Veska Nova 9X

PST +0 J P 10mmET 8 2 UR 75m $195

Veska smashes into the Polymer market with the first factory-equipped ElectroThermic handgun listed at under $500! Way under $500! Loading 8 Electrothermic 10mm slugs, this boy will punch holes through heavy body armor, without breaking your arm!
(Due to the poor capacitor design in the Veska Nova, for each shot fired without taking one round off without firing, there is a cummulative 1 in 6 chance that the gun will refuse to fire next time. ie: on the first shot the chance is 1 in 6, on the 3rd consecutive shot it becomes 3 in 6, and it automatically stops firing after the 6th shot as the capacitor recharges).
Veska Nova 9X

Matel Intimidator

PST 0 J E 9mm 14 2 UR $80

Perhaps one of the most irritating polymer one-shots in existance; the action in this gun is wrapped in a cheap, oversized plastic frame. Fire more than 3 shots in 10 seconds (3 rounds) and the plastic usually melts (60% chance, gun jams permanently). What's worse, there's a speaker arrangement mounted under the barrel that amplifies and repeats the guns report each time it fires, making it sound like several very loud rounds have just been fired. The speaker will also supplement this cacoffony with several gung-ho shouts, like 'Fire!', 'Drop the Gun!' 'Dead or Alive, Yer Coming with me!' and 'Don't Move!'.
Mattel Intimidator 2
This gun was originally designed by Chris D. Lupton and is sold through his Redneck Rifles franchises.

Zulu Alpha Series

Alpha PST +0 P E 6mm 10 2 X $36
Beta PST +0 P E 9mm 8 2 X $55
Epsilon PST +0 P E 10mm 5 2 X $76

Zulu breaks the Polymer market wide open with their hot new blue pocketguns! Each of the alpha series guns can fit comfortably in your pocket, and can load a variety of ammo types and calibers! With this much variety at these prices, why aren't you packing a Zulu too?
Zulu Alpha Series

Dai Lung Ultimate "Gonk"

PST -2 J P 12ga 3 ½ X 20m $89

Nicknamed the Gonk because it's such an obvious rip-off of the Norinco Gong, the Dai Lung Ultimate is a bolt-action 12gauge "pistol" with a very poorly built bolt and receiver group. The bolt requires both hands to cycle, taking up over 3 seconds to chamber a new round. For those of you who take notice of these things, the recoil on this puppy is rated at BOD 12. For the average man on the street, that means a Strength Feat roll dif 12 to avoid (12-bod) damage to the firing arm, as well as a massive recoil penalty!
Dai Lung Ultimate

Kendachi MonoGun

MEL +1 J P 2D6 VR $350
PST -3 J P 10mm 1 1 UR

New from Kendachi! A Classic Kendachi Monoblade mounted into a one-shot deringer-style 10mm! Because of the incredibly short barrel of the gun, the slug only has a range of 10m, but still packs quite the surprise punch!