The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project


S m i t h   &   W e s s o n   S   1 1
Smith and Wesson S11 Binary Pistol
PST +1 J P 4mm 36 3 ST 70m 900eb

The S11 is Smith & Wesson's first venture into binary propellant technologies. The 4mm bullets themselves (loaded in through the pistol-grip) are very small, as they contain no propellant (and cost 20eb per 50 rounds). The liquid propellant is loaded into the bottom of the gun (the loading port is the black section at the bottom / front of the firearm) and a full load is good for 50 shots at the standard setting (a reload bottle is 50eb). The firearm has three settings for use; on setting one (low-power) the gun fires subsonically, and is best suited for stealth or for "plinking", each shot at this level deals 2d6 damage and uses 1/2 of a normal propellant charge; on setting two (standard) the round deals 3d6+1 damage and uses a standard propellant charge; on setting three (hi-power) the round deals 4d6+2 damage and uses 2 propellant charges (and has it's reliability decreased by one to UR).
S m i t h   &   W e s s o n   M o d e l   9 2 9
Smith & Wesson M929E
PST +1 J C .31CP 6 2 ST 100m 975eb

Nicknamed "the Incredible Hulk" because of it's distinctive green finish (although it is offered for sale to law enforcement agencies in blued and black finishes), the Model 929 fires the SIG31 Caseless Penetrator. What makes it unique is that the SIG31 is a caseless round, loaded into a revolver action. The rounds were field-tested by S&W for nearly a year to determine if the laquer coating would be sufficient to be used in a revolver, and it stood up to their tests admirably. The SIG31 round is a long, narrow slug embedded into a much larger propellant block, with a ceramic ejectible base-plate. It deals 2d10 damage and is inherently Armour Piercing (1/2 SP, 1/2 trauma) and a box of 50 rounds sells for 70eb. It is available in soft tip (x2 SP, full trauma, 1.5x price) and Armour Defeating (1/4 SP, 1/2 trauma, 5x price).
M i l i t e c h   S l a m m e r   . 5 0 A E
Militech Slammer
Slammer Long Slide - PST 0 J C .50AE 12 2 ST 50m 675eb
Slammer Short - PST -1 J P .50AE 5 2 ST 50m 575eb

The Militech clone of the gun that made Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT of the Colt AMT 2000 fame) a household name for armchair gunners in the 1980's. Based on the AMT Automag 5, with a couple of changes. Depending on your outlook, either the AMT barrel was too long (and hard to conceal) or the magazine capacity was too small (5 round capacity, and the magazine didn't even fill up the full magazine well!). The one pictured at left is the Slammer Long Slide, while the Slammer Short has a smaller grip and significantly shorter barrel. Both include integral recoil compensation. They both fire the heavy .50 Action Express cartridge which has come back into style with the advent of ElectroThermal Enhancement. The Long Slide also carries a lot of ammo for a gun of it's caliber, by using a double-stacked magazine in a wider magazine well, with an extended base-plate.
H e c k l e r   &   K o c h   U S P   1 2
Heckler & Koch USP 12 Tactical
PST 0 J P 12mm 8 1 VR 50m 650eb
PST 0 J P 11mm 9 2 VR 50m 650eb
PST 0 J P 10mm 10 2 VR 50m 650eb

Designed to compete for Military SpecOps contracts against the Colt AMT2000, the USP 12 has a threaded muzzle adaptor to accept silencers and other barrel accessories, and is available with standard and extended grip magazines, recoil compensation, etc. Extended Grip magazines (pictured at left) increase the ammo capacity by 4 rounds in the USP12 and USP11 and by 5 rounds in the USP10.
Compensators (increasing ROF by 1) are available factory-mounted for 150eb. The US military elected to purchase the Colt AMT 2000 for officers and SpecOps after early trials with the USP and AMT.
M i l i t e c h   N a j a
Militech Naja
PST 0 J P .357 12 2 VR 60m 750eb
PST 0 J P 12mm 10 1 VR 60m 800eb
PST 0 J P .50AE 8 1 VR 60m 800eb

A powerful pistol for the paramilitary market. It is equipped with a laser sight (+1 WA up to 100 m not included in above stats). This device can be turned into a torch (range : 25 meters) for night shooting. A high-power battery can sustain this device for 10 hours. Commercialized in 2021, the Naja is mainly used in some armies and in security militias.
The Militech Naja description and illustration were donated to the project by Grave Sur Chrome, the net's largest illustrated weapons listing for CP2020
I M I   D e s e r t   E a g l e   2 0 0 0
PST +1 J P .357mag 9 2 ST 50m 600eb
PST +1 J P .41mag 8 2 ST 50m 650eb
PST +1 J P .44mag 8 2 ST 50m 700eb
PST +1 J P .50AE 7 2 ST 50m 750eb

Hollywood's favourite handgun of the 80's, 90's and the turn of the Millenium. The Desert Eagle was an Isreali design, built to fire large-caliber rim-fire loads through an automatic pistol, while maintaining a high reliability in hostile (desert) environments. The grip on most Desert Eagles is considered uncomfortably large for shooters with smaller hands, as the handle of the gun has to accomodate rounds never intended for an auto-loader. The Desert Eagles are popular to this day, especially with the availability of ElectroThermal Enhancement.
The stats here are for the Desert Eagles of the turn of the Millenium, the Mk XIX, based on the Mk VII and capable of being rechambered with a simple barrel and chambering kit.
G l o c k   M o d e l   1 0 0   ( C o m p e t i t i o n   1 1 m m)
Glock 100
PST +2 J P 11mmCL 6 2 VR $2,000

To commemorate their Model 100, the gunsmiths at Glock stepped beyond their normal bounds and produced a fine high-caliber long-barrel model for use in the competitive circuits. The Model 100 is a high-quality, high-accuracy weapon that is sold in a special carrying case with four extra magazines, a leather-bound book on Glock's history, the Glock Armouror's Tool, and a document of authenticity signed by Mr. Glock himself.
G l o c k   M o d e l   9 8   ( P o c k e t   1 0 )
Glock Pocket 10
PST -1 P P 10mmCL 6 2 VR $600

This year's Glock Model line gave us a few surprises, not the least of which (except in size) was the Glock Pocket 10. The single smallest Glock ever produced, the model 98 holds a fair payload of 10mm caseless munition for it's size, and has Glock Perfection written all over it.
S t e y r   S p e c i a l   P u r p o s e   P i s t o l   2 0 1 5
Steyr SPP
PST +1 J P 10mm 10 2 VR $750

In 2015 Steyr re-released their TMP and SPP to a world expecting caseless loads. Bucking this trend they maintained the use of cased ammo loads in their now-rechambered SPP. Instead they appealed to their buyers with re-chambered weapons in 10 and 11mm instead of the venerable 9mm of the original SPP and TMP.
M i l i t e c h   9 1 1 0   1 1 m m   C o m b a t   M a g n u m
Militech 9110 Combat Magnum
PST +1 J P 11mm 12 3 VR $1,100

Militech's latest integral combat magnum holds more than a dozen standard 11mm caseless munitions and is capable of unloading them in seconds. Sold standard with Laser Sight and Recoil Compensators, the 9110 is quickly gaining a reputation as a clean, small gun, often used as a back-up weapon.
V a n g u a r d   1 0 m m   ' S n u b '   P i s t o l
Vanguard Snub Pistol
PST 0 J R 10red 24 2 ST $600
SMG 0 J R 10red 24 30 ST $700

The Vanguard (considered to be... interesting... at best) was developped to fire a new subsonic, reduced-length 10mm caseless munition. The result was a gun that aroused mild interest until it was pointed out that the "10mm reduced" was outperformed by 9mm munitions (2d6 dmg). The main interest now in the gun is for it's Sci-Fi styling, with neat glowing lights, and for it's ease of conversion to full-auto.
S o o c h   M 2 0 0 8 A 2   T a c t i c a l   R e v o l v e r
Sooch M2008A2 Tactical
PST +2 L P .525 6 2 VR $1,725

This massive double-action revolver comes standard with laser sight (+1 WA included above), recoil compensators and gas venting (+1 ROF included above), 4x Optical Sight, and of course Custom Grips are available for an additional $175. It has regained popularity in the last year because of it's massive caliber (.525 does 6D6 dmg) and because of the cased munitions advantage for use with ElectroThermic enhancement.
The SoochArms M2008A2 is also available in variants chambered in .44 Special, .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, .50 Action Express and the heavy .454, but no one seems to care.
S m i t h   &   W e s s o n   S i g m a   I I I
SW Sigma III
PST +2 J P 9mm 15 3 VR $800
PST +2 J P 10mm 12 3 VR $850

Almost typical of the modern Combat Magnum, the Sigma 3 was developped for orbital security work and comes standard in 10mm cased, with a built in laser sight (+1 WA included above) and recoil compensators (+1 ROF included above). What sets it apart is that most are built with Electrothermic Enhancement in mind for use in vacuum environments. It is a standard sidearm for security assigned outside the atmosphere. Standard with this mod is a muzzle brake which only allows the Sigma 3 to fire Flechette-based munitions ($75).
Vanguard   ETE   StrikeGun
Vanguard ETE StrikeGun
PST +1 J R 9mmETE 21 2 ST $965

Vanguard's return to the firearms scene this year is with the StrikeGun, one of the first Electrothermic factory autopistols to see production to date. The innovative design places the batteries in the grip of the gun, and a magazine of 9mm ETE Cased ammo behind it. The odd design is once again a Vanguard "classic" (which generally means an innovative design with unique appearance, but little practical worth), but has been found to interfere in drawing the gun (additional -2 accuracy penalty when drawn).