The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Quake Technologies

Quake Industries brings us the revolution in Assault weaponry! Using a double-barreled assembly and firing high-penetration "super-flechettes", the NailGun redefines support fire.


Since the gun uses a reciprocating action, it cannot fire in single shot or three-round burst modes. Short, controlled bursts can be fired at ROF:4 and are otherwise treated as 3 round bursts as per the CP2020 rules (+3 to hit, d4 nails hit target). Full Autofire is at 400RPM (ROF:20) with the barrels in reciprocating mode, or 800RPM on override (ROF:40) with both barrels firing simultaneously.

In reciprocating modes, the gun will not overheat, and is capable of extended autofire in this way. In Override, the gun reduces reliability by 1 class each round due to barrel overheating and warping.

Being large and bulky (10kg), the Nailgun is usually fired from the hip hung by a shoulder-sling. The ammo is loaded into the firing chambers from two seperate magazines in case one of the two barrels or chambers should jam. Each individual round is a 4-inch long 7mm "nail" flechette, designed for effective armor penetration. Specialty ammo loads are available as shown below.

Ammo TypeCost per Box (60rnds)Effect
Standard Nail20eb/60rnds1/2 SP, 1/2 Trauma (as AP ammo)
Plastic "Flexi" Nail30eb/60rnds1/2 SP, full trauma, 90m range
Tefflon-Kote Nails60eb/60rnds1/3 SP, 1/2 Trauma
Ultimate Penetrators120eb/60rnds1/5 SP, 1/2 Trauma
Manticore Grade200% base cost+4 damage

Standard Nails are of standard high-speed-steel construction
Flexi Nails are made of a very tough but flexible plastic which fishooks upon entry into soft targets
Teflon-Kote Nails are standard nails with an Armor Piercing coating
Ultimate Penetrators are made of an extreme-density metal with a triple-bevelled point for easy penetration of almost any material.
Manticore-Grade loads are available of all the above ammo loads. Manticore Grade nails contain a larger powder charge and deal 3d6+4 damage, but reduce the reliability of the NailGun by 1 class. Manticore Grade nails cost double the list cost.