The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project


C o l t   X M - 4 1 4
Colt XM414
RIF +2 N P 6mmSS 60 30 ST 200m 600eb

A derivative of the bullpup M4 series, the Colt XM-414 Carbine is unique as it uses the proprietary 6mm Short Sabot created by Sig-Sauer in 2019. The 6mmSS is a pistol-length round that drops it's sabot upon firing, releasing a 2mm x 20mm Tungsten penetrator. The round is extremely fast and stable, and the longer barrel of the XM-414 instead of a pistol frame allows for it to fire within a Minute of Angle. The round is currently only available as a 6mmSIG SS Tungsten Penetrator (1/3 SP, 1/2 Damage, 3d6 damage, 100eb / 50 rounds). The SM-414 Carbine itself nearly qualifies as a Subgun (being chambered for a pistol round) but is handled as a rifle and gains most of it's ballistic advantages because of it's very long barrel for a carbine.
C z e c h   A K R   2 K 1 0
RIF +1 N C 5.45 36 20 ST 400m 700eb

Czechoslovakia's standard assault rifle since 2010, the CZ-2010 (known as the AKR2K10) also sees use by many other baltic nations as a rugged, reliable ofshoot of the Kalishnakov line. The rifle itself is also available with a fixed stock and a variety of forend designs (here the AKR is shown with a SMG-style foregrip). The sight rail is raised a half-inch above the weapon frame and contains the gun's iron sights as a backup sighting device, and is normally equipped with a 1.5x to 6x variable zoom scope (price of scope not included above).
CZ-2010's are available in a variety of export editions for different nations, chambered in 5.56 Nato Caseless, 9mm Long, 7mm Caseless and the Chinese 5.5mm. (Export editions generally cost 50eb more than the domestic edition).
N o m a d   1 2 . 7 B M G   R a n g e r
RIF +1 N P 12.7mm 7 1 ST 500m 950eb

The Nomad Ranger represents a selection of easy-tear-down .50 caliber anti-material rifles. Unlike most .50 cals, the Ranger can be broken down into it's components for easy storage and carrying. The barrel extension can be removed, as can the bracing pad and optics. With all the options removed and a smaller 3-round magazine installed, the Ranger can be concealed under a Long coat, but the balance is ackward, the accuracy reduced to -1 and the barrel flare is almost blinding.
H & K / M i l i t e c h   P F 4 4   F l e c h e t t e   S y s t e m
HK/Militech PF44
RIF +0 N R 2.8mm 48 2/3/20 ST 70m 2,500eb
HVY +2 N R 2D10AP 2 1 UR 15m

Just before the beginning of the 4th Corporate War, Heckler & Koch and Militech undertook a joint venture to produce a close-combat flechette-based assault rifle. The 2.8mm metal darts are enclosed in a sabot that protects the dart during firing. The darts chosen are non-stabilized to reduce size, and they rely on their aerodynamic form for stabilization. Unfortunately this results in a very poor terminal range for the rounds. 2.8mm Darts are available in three classes, Standard, Soft Steel Dart and AP Dart.
2.8mm Standard Dart (SD) - 2D10 damage, 1/2 SP (200eb / 48 rounds)
2.8mm Soft Steel Dart (SSD) - 3D10 damage, 2/3 SP (300 eb / 48 rounds)
2.8mm Armour Piercing (AP) - 2D10 damage, 1/5 SP (800 eb / 48 rounds)
The undermounted system is actually two flechette tubes from an ACPA BRP Ripple Pack. They can be fired singly or linked in one shot. Anyone in the 60 degree cone within 15m must be attacked with a hit roll at +2 WA. If the hit roll succeeds, the taget is struck by 1D6 Flechettes, each dealing 2D10AP. Reloading this unit costs 100eb per tube.
S t e r n m e y e r   T y p e   8 8 a
Sternmeyer T88a
SHG -2 L P 12ga 30 8 ST 50m 900eb

The T-88 was a fairly forgettable assault shotgun released by Sternmeyer in 2018 and discontinued 8 months later, with no appreciable military or private sector purchases in that time. The design is actually innovative, using a top-mounted magazine holding 30 rounds vertically in the clip which are rotated into the bullpup firing assembly. The rotating action unfortunately slows down the gas action, reducing ROF below that of most other assault shotguns. The design was primarily scuttled, however, by the incredibly poor balance of the weapon which is very front-end heavy and awkward to aim.
The (a) designation refers to the first of the line, while (b) prototypes never made serious production (Rare availability) and had a telescoping stock more akin to the ald M-16's (-3 WA folded).
M 2 4 9   B o o s t e r   E d i t i o n
HVY -2 L P 5.56N belt 30 ST 200m 900eb

This is the police nickname for a weapon that has become frighteningly available in certain metroplexes for no apparent reason. It seems that someone came accross a large number of old M249 Squad Automatics pre-dating the US Military's switch to caseless ammo. These belt-fed weapons have had their stock removed and barrel cut down to the minimum possible length. This allows Boosters to hide the weapon under their coat. A team-mate usually carries a bunch of ammo for it, but quite often the booster in question will also carry a nylon bag with 300 to 600 rounds of belted ammo in it. What makes the weapon so frightening is it's ability to lay down fire for minutes at a time without needing to reload.
S i g   S G   5 5 1   S w a t   S e r i e s   2
Sig SG 551 Swat Series 2
RIF +1 N P 6.5CL 35 25 VR 1,500eb

The SG 551 series 1 was introduced for police, military and sniper use just before the end of the millenium. The Series 2 was released last year to take advantage of the changing technologies and to offer a new weapon instead of an ever-increasing line of upgrades on the Series 1. Now chambered in the favoured 6.5CL cartridge, the Series 2 sports an even lighter frame assembly, a 1.5x to 10x (or to 20x for the sniper edition) electronic scope with Low Lite and Thermo Imaging, folding stock, and underbarrel lug (for bayonets, flashlights, laser sights or bipods).
S t e y r   9 4 4   P o l i c e   E d i t i o n
Steyr 944 Police Edition
RIF +0 N P 5.56CL 40 25 VR 795eb

Steyr recently revised their AUG weapons line and the user-end result that most people will be exposed to is the Model 944. With significantly reduced barrel length from the classic AUG, and chambered in 5.56mm Caseless, the original prototypes fired with a cyclic rate of just over 900rpm (ROF 45), dumping the magazine in seconds. After review they added a small catch that holds the bolt back for a fraction of a second after each shot, reducing the ROF to 25 (500rpm). Some editions are available with other delays, and a civilian model has been released for security use with a ROF of 15, allowing for much more controlled autofire.
F a b r i c a   D e s   A r m e s   I n s u r g e n t
Fabrica Des Armes Insurgent
RIF -1 L C 5.56CL 40 40 UR 900eb

The Insurgent is quite the hybrid weapon, considered by many to be a heavy SMG instead of an assault rifle. With stock folded (-1 WA) and the magazine removed (or a 15-round magazine inserted), the Insurgent can be easily hidden under a regular jacket. The action itself is only remarkable in that the bolt is an incredibly light titanium alloy assembly and the weapon cycles at well over 1000 RPM. The original weapon is no longer in production by Fabrica Des Armes, but various copies of it exist world-wide.
M 4 1 A   P u l s e   R i f l e
M41A Pulse Rifle
RIF +1 N R 6.5CL 50 25 ST 1,300eb
HVY -1 N R 25mm 4. 2. ST

This popular conversion, using a resin-plastic mail-order kit ($600), turns the most moderate assault rifles into a replica of the M41A Pulse Rifle from a popular 80's and 90's series of movies. SoochArms now offers this kit already assembled with a 6.5CL assault rifle as the basis.
A r a s a k a   P S 4 0 0
Arasaka PS400
RIF +3 N P 5.56 15 3 VR 1,725eb

This sniper/match rifle comes standard with 6x Optical Sight, recoil compensation and adjustable custom stock. A rarety amongst Arasaka weapons, the PS400 fires standard brass-cased munitions, chosen because of the resurgence in Electrothermic Enhancement. The model listed comes with ET enhancement standard.
A c u T e k   C r u n c h e r
AcuTek Cruncher
RIF -1 L P 7.62N 15 2 ST 725eb

AcuTek's latest product is a very retro attempt at a whippet-styled assault rifle loaded with the obsolete cased 7.62mm Nato munitions (also available through AcuTek). Inherently inacurate due to short barrel, lack of stock and overpowered munitions, the gun is still selling well on account of the combination of heavy munitions and concealability.
S t e r n m e y e r   C 8 9
Sternmeyer C89
RIF -1 J P 5.56 15 3 ST 750eb

Sternmeyer's entry in the whippet field is the C89, a gun that went from design idea to final product in under 4 months to compete with the AcuTek Cruncher and the Militech Crusher. The only major selling point for this ugly beast is the built-in recoil compensation giving it a higher rate of fire than the competition.
S e t s u k o - A r a s a k a   M o d e l   4 4
Setsuko-Arasaka Model 44
RIF +2 N P 7mmCL 50 30 ST 750eb

Setsuko-Arasaka's Model 44 uses the same 7mm Caseless round as the Federated Arms LA15 (see chrome 1). The gun itself is a stylish bullpup assembly rifle borrowing much from the M16 bullpup retrofits of the early 2010's.
C o n s t i t u t i o n   A r m s   S B 1 2   A s s a u l t   S h o t g u n
Constitution Arms SB12 Assault Shotgun
SHG -1 N P 12g 24 10 ST 900eb

The gun that brought Constitution Arms onto the street. One of the first publically available assault-shotguns, the SB12 (StormBringer) caught the world's eye and even Arasaka stood up and took notice (the Arasaka WCAA is very much a refined version of the CA SB12).
C o n s t i t u t i o n   A r m s   2 E - S S   G u n P o d
Constitution Arms 2E-SS GunPod
SHG -1 N P 10g 18 3 ST 700eb

At the other end of the spectrum, Consitution Arms 2021 shotgun release is the innovative GunPod. Designed to be it's own carrying case, the 2E-SS folds down to a shorter length concealing it's handle in the process. Since it uses "SmartPorting" gas vents and recoil compensators, the gas vents also close when it is folded, and a small cap goes on the barrel end, completely sealing the weapon. (Concealability L when folded). The SmartPorting also gives the 2E-SS +1 WA if fired full auto (but note that full auto still requires a post- market modification, as Constitution Arms is targeting this weapon to the public market).