The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

BlackHammer ShadowRun Project

Click on a section header to view all the items mentioned. We've converted 34 firearms and some other personal gear from the ShadowRun game for your edgerunner to pick up in his local sprawl. As we dig through our old SR products (I just picked up a bunch of SR2 supplements for $2 each) we'll add them in.

Walther PB120, Hammerly 610S, Light Fire 70, Predator II, Beretta 101T & 110T, Ultra-Power, vz/120, L36 American, Manhunter, LD-120 StreetLine Special and from CyberSpace, the GRU MAX

Ingram Warrior-10, Savalette Guardian, Crusader, Beretta 200ST,
Beretta Model 70, MP-5 TX, Ingram Smartgun, SCK 100

Colt M22A2, Colt M22A4, CMDT CombatGun, H&K G12A3z, vz88V, Ranger SM-3, Walther MA1200, Ruger 100

Heavy Weapons
Ares MP LMG, FN-MAG 5, Panther Cannon, M107 GPHMG

Body Armor
Forearm Guards, Form-Fitting, SecureTech Clothing, Security Armor

SkillWires, ShadowLink, Improved Rippers

Construction This work is in progress Construction