M o s s b e r g   C M D T   C o m b a t   G u n
CMDT Combat Gun
SHG +1 N P 12g 8 2 ST 50m 900eb

Rated best new shotgun at Desert Wars 7!
Maybe the best combat shotgun on the market today. The Mossberg CMDT Combat Gun is a proven winner in every climate, in nearly every situation. Comes with integral laser sight (+1 WA included above), and the model SM variant has integral smartlinking (1,300eb).
Equipped with a folding stock, concealability increases to L and WA drops by 1 when folded.

C o l t   M 2 2 A 2
Colt M22A2
RIF +1 N P 5.56CL 40 2/20 ST 400m 1,000eb

The Colt M22A2 is a quality weapon at an astoundingly affordable price. Accepting a 40-shot clip of 5.56mm Caseless, the weapon also comes with an integral 40mm grenade launcher, recoil reduction and a built-in 2x imaging sight.

C o l t   M 2 2 A 4
Colt M22A4
RIF +0 N P 5.56CL 40 1/20 ST 200m 750eb

The carbine/paratrooper edition of the M22, the M22A4 has a shortened barrel and stock assembly and has replaced the carrying handle and imaging sight with a rail-mount for whatever accessories the cammando in question (be it military or urban) wants to add. With the reduced barrel length, the recoil compensation had to be removed also, pretty much restricting the weapon to autofire roles.

H e c k l e r   &   K o c h   G 1 2 A 3 Z
RIF +2 N R 6mmCL 50 2/20 VR 400m 2,200eb

Precursor to the G6 MG, The G12A3z was the next logical step from the G11. Improving on the best characteristics of the G11, the G12 is lighter, less bulky, and equipped with integral laser sight (+1 WA included above), gas venting (+1 WA full auto) and telescoping shoulder-stock. It fires the same 6mm rounds as the G6.

C z e c h   v z   8 8   V   A s s a u l t   R i f l e
RIF +2 N P 5.5mmCL 25 1/20 ST 400m 1,800eb

The vz 88 V, manufactured in Czechoslovakia, is a premium-grade assault rifle equipped with many of the accessories normally found only in weapons of Western manufacture. Mounting an integral laser (+1 WA included above) and 2x Optical sight, the vz 88 V also comes with Gas Vent recoil reduction (+1 WA full auto) and a collapsing shoulder stock. It fires a Bloc version of the 5.5mm Chinese Caseless round.

R a n g e r   A r m s   S M   3
Ranger Arms SM3
RIF +2 N C 7.62NCL 6 1 VR 400m 4,000eb

The SM-3 is a must for those jobs when the first shot has to count. Silencer and a variable-mag imaging scope (1.5 to 6 times) with thermographic or low-light (buyers choice) are factory-standard. Like most of its breed, it disasembles completely for fit in a standard briefcase. Ideal for the assassin on the go.

R u g e r   1 0 0   S p o r t   R i f l e
Ruger 100 Sport Rifle
RIF +1 N C 9mmCL Long 5 1 VR 400m 1,300eb

A precision bullpup hunting weapon perfect for all environments. Its sturdy wood and high-impact plastic casing ensures dependability, even in the foulest of weather. Comes with an integral 2-6x variable imaging scope.

W a l t h e r   M A   2 1 0 0   S n i p i n g   R i f l e
Walther MA 2100
RIF +4 N R 7.62NatoCL 8 2 VR 600m 3,000eb

This weapon is the sniping rifle that just won the rigorous CAS sniper rifle competition! Designed to military specifications (instead of being a military adaptation of a civilian rifle model), the Walther is reliable and free of the design instabilities common to other weapons of the type. The professional's choice!
Comes equipped with a smartgun interface(+2 WA included above).