The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project


H e c k l e r   &   K o c h   M P 1 0 K   S l i m l i n e
HK MP10K Slimline
SMG +1 J C 10mmCL 30 32 ST 100m 450eb

The base gun for the HK MP-2013 (see the CP2020 rulebook, or the H&K SMGs page), the MP10K Slim is a polymer-based 10mm Caseless SMG about a half-inch longer than the standard MPK-9 and under half the weight of the old MP5s (although not that much lighter than the last of the MP5 line, the MP5TX). This was one of H&K's first breaks from their standardized magazine placement in the MP series, with the magazine well being inside the pistol grip - a design that allows for more barrel length and also allowed for a more snag-free design which brought about the MP10Mini, the first true H&K Machine Pistol.
H e c k l e r   &   K o c h   M P 1 0 K  Mini
HK MP10K Mini
SMG +1 J C 10mmCL 30 32 ST 75m 550eb
PST +1 J C 10mmCL 30 2 ST 50m 450eb

The single smallest Heckler and Koch SMG since the VP70z (the world's first polymer pistol), the MP10K Mini evolved from the slimline MP10K by shortening the barrel further and removing the foregrip. Unlike other H&K subguns, the MP10K Mini fits easily into a holster and can be carried and drawn in many concealed positions. It is available as both a pistol and a select-fire Subgun. The pistol edition was also sold in an SD configuration with a factory-equipped silencer (extending the gun length by a mere 2 inches) for special ops and internal security work (550eb).
B u l g a r i a n   S h i p k a   M o d e l   2 0 0   S M G
SMG +0/+0 L/N P 12mmCA 12/25 2/3 UR 100m 750eb

Bulgaria's standard sidearm for state security, border patrol and Customs & Immigration, the Shipka 200 is a polymer and steel composite design SMG firing state-made ammunition identical to that of the CA-MAP (see Protect & Serve), with an integral laser sight in the polymer foregrip (+1 WA, not included above). Bulgarian security forces view it as a mediocre gun generally (and they have a hearty distrust of the locally-produced CA-MAP munitions), but make due and would rather be equipped with it than the old standard semi-automatic sidearms of earlier times. It comes equipped with a flimsy metal side-folding stock, which is often removed from weapons in the field or imported versions. It comes with both 12 and 25 round magazines, the former for concealed use. The Shipka 200 began being procured for North America in 2020 by Militech (who also sell it with rainbow selection of polymer underbodies), but ceased local distribution with the outbreak of the corporate war in early 2023.
F e d e r a t e d   A r m s   T e c h   A s s a u l t   I V
Federated Arms Tech Assault 4
SMG 0/+1 L/N C 9mmCL 40 30 ST 100m/150m 430eb

An excellent light sub-machine gun with reasonable range and considerable precision, considering it's unbalanced design and awkward foregrip. The TA-IV is equipped with an extending stock, without the stock extended acuracy falls off as well as range, as the gun effectively becomes an overblown machine pistol. The entire design of the Tech Assault IV is hardcase polymer over a machined metal action, designed by the model citizens of the Polymer firearm market.
The Federated Arms Tech Assault 4 description and illustration were adapted to the project from Violence & Funky, an excellent italian CP2020 site.
F e d e r a t e d   A r m s   T e c h   A s s a u l t   V
Federated Arms Tech Assault 5
SMG +1 L C 10mmCL 30 25 ST 200m 450eb

A sub-machine gun of relatively high caliber, rate of fire and a precision outside the common range for it's class. Federated Arms has decided " to assault " this segment of the market, with initial sales at a very attractive price, although other companies think that only they will be able to maintain it during a limited time.
The Federated Arms Tech Assault 4 description and illustration were adapted to the project from Violence & Funky, an excellent italian CP2020 site.
C z e c h   A K M R   2 K 1 0
SMG +0/+1 N P 11mmCL 40 30 ST 200m 700eb

A cut-down version of the CZ-2010, the AKMR2010 is a potent SMG, generally too large for concealed use and therefore used by military forces over commercial or private use. It is equipped with a folding stock (which does nothing to improve the weapon's concealability), polymer composite foregrip and an iron sight that doubles as a sight rail for whatever optics the end user wishes to install. It comes chambered in most major caseless handgun loads, from 7mm (60 rounds), 9mm (50 rounds), 10mm (40 rounds) to 11mm (40 rounds). Some aftermarket sources sell CZ-2010's rechambered to 12mm for 900eb.
W a l t h e r   S e r i e s   6
Walther Series 6
PST +1 L P 8.8ISTS 20 3 ST 70m 600eb
SMG +1 L P 8.8ISTS 40 25 ST 70m 800eb

Walther's 2019 Series 6 Subgun is the first factory firearm chambered in the Militech 8.8mm ISTS Caseless round (3D6 damage, see the article on special chambering for more information). The Series 6 comes with integral recoil compensation for use in semi-auto mode (ROF:3) and is easily adpaged to a smartgun configuration (400eb). In fact, because of this, many users find the stock location of the firing mode selector to be quite ackward (takes a full action to switch from semi to full-auto modes unless smartlinked). The Series 6 can also be purchased with only semi-auto mode available for 600eb, and is usually equipped with a shorter 20 round magazine (not shown at left).
I n g r a m   M o r n i n g S t a r
Ingram Morningstar
SMG +1 L R 10mm 45 20 UR 600eb

Working their way up towards the Ingram Model 20t, Ingram made one notable stop-over with the Model 14f "MorningStar". Loading an extended magazine of 10mm cased rounds, the MorningStar is equipped with a flash-suppressor (which acts as a barrel extension and foregrip for added stability) and folding stock. It saw some serious use as a solo's weapon around 2015 and was often paired with the Bushnel Interlok first-generation smartlinks, effectively becoming the first of the "Ingram Smartguns".
M a n e x   S D   8 8
Manex SD88
SMG +1 L R 10mmCL 24 30 ST 900eb

The military and covert edition of the Manex STR88, the SD88 has a better moulded grip mounted slightly forward of the STR's, and appears to have a slightly shorter barrel (although both weapons actually have the same barel length). Visually what sets it apart is the lack of chrome finish on the barrel, which is actually a full silencer/flash suppressor and cooling shroud. The SD88 is not available in a semi-auto version, but comes equipped with a selector switch to choose from single shot, three round burst and full autofire.
M a n e x   S T R   8 8
Manex STR88
SMG +1 L P 10mmCL 24 30 ST 500eb

Another bullpup SMG design from Seattle's Manex corporation, the STR 88 is otherwise a fairly unremarkable firearm typical of the 10mm set. The Manex lacks any kind of stock and the bolt assembly actually cycles a half-inch beyond the back of the weapon (much like the slide on an automatic), making it potentially dangerous for new users. The same weapon is also sold as the TR 88 heavy pistol, which is semi-automatic (ROF:2) for 400eb.
S t e y r   9 8 8   P e r s o n a l   W e a p o n
Steyr 988 Personal Weapon
SMG +2 N P 10mmCL 40 20 ST 700eb

Built in the same line as the 944 rebuilds of the classic Steyr AUG (one fo the world's first bullpup assault weapons, and the first one not built for a military order), the 988 is even shorter and lighter than the 944 and loads a lighter 10mm caseless load. Because the load is so light, the weapon is extremely accurate, and recoil is almost non-existant even in full-auto. The 988 is also available with 60 and 80 round magazines, smartlinking (600eb), and integral silencing (300eb).
M i l i t e c h   S k o r p i o   1 2
Militech Skorpio 12
SMG +0/+1 L/N P 12mmCL 28 15 ST 1,115eb

Militech's break into the 12mm SMG scene was the Skorpio 12, a reworking on the original Skorpion design. The Skorpion fought its way into the scene by offering several enhancements over most other 12mm designs. It comes equipped with both a laser sight (+1 WA, not included in stats) and a heat-baffled silencer. The silencer is a special design built to handle the heavy 12mm loads, and it's baffles are usually good for over 400 rounds of ammo. With the silencer removed (AVG Gunsmith), weapon accuracy is decreased by one and concealability is increased by one class. The Skorpio 12 is also available smart-linked for an additional 500eb.
V a n g u a r d   P e r s o n a l   E d i t i o n
Vanguard personal Edition
SMG +2 J P 10mmRed 24 30 ST 900eb

For some reason, MachineGuns of Loving Grace has kept the Vanguard Snub Pistol alive. In this incarnation the 10mm Subsonic round has been mated with a superb quality silencer, producing an entirely silent weapon system - complete with cool flashing lights! MachineGuns of Loving Grace has also re-machined the magazines so that two magazines can be locked together in an L-shape, with the second magazine lying flush with the bottom guard of the weapon.
G l o c k   M o d e l   9 9
Glock Model 99
SMG +1 J P 11mm 12 2/30 VR 50m 950eb

When Glock said this year's model line would surprise, they meant it. With their third ever production automatic weapon (after the Glock 18 and Glock MP 30) they're trying to storm the machine pistol market with one of the single largest machine pistols, competing directly with the Steyr TMP 2015. Able to fire in single shot or full auto it loads 12 11mm slugs (also available factory-set to use the CA 10.4mm slugs for an additional $100), or can have extended 25 round magazines loaded.
P i s t o l a   D i   M a c c h i n a   M i n i   A u t o m a t i c o   1 2
SMG -1 J/L P 9mmCL 30/60 65 UR 50m 300eb

When IMI licensed their classic UZI line to an Italian firearms manufacturer, they weren't expecting the PDM MA 12. Taking the 9mm Caseless action, they added a much lighter alloy bolt than the standard micro-uzi design. The result was a cyclic rate of nearly 1250rpm (ROF:65)! Needless to say this weapon has a tendency to overheat and jam up occasionally under these stresses not originally planned for in the Uzi design. The other downside is the massive recoil (recoil 12 when used single-handed), sending the gun bucking in all directions. As Italian MilSpec says: "Qualcuno ha detto il fuoco soppressivo?".
S t e y r   T a c t i c a l   M a c h i n e   P i s t o l   2 0 1 5
Steyr TMP 2015
SMG +0 J P 11mm 10/20 2/20 ST 50m 800eb

When Steyr re-released the TMP and SPP in 2015, the market was expecting weapons redesigned to fire the now-standard 9mm caseless load. Instead what they got was a full re-design of both weapons firing CASED 10 and 11mm loads. The TMP was quite favourably received as one of the most powerful machine pistols on the market, although many users complain that the expanded grips (to make room for the mighty 11mm load) are significantly less comfortable to wield than the smaller grips of the old 9mm or the 10mm SPP.
F a b r i q u e   D e s   A r m e s   B i z o n   1 0 / 2 5
Fabrique Des Armes Bizon 10/25
SMG +2 L P 10mm 20 20 ST 1,225eb
HVY +1 L P 25mm 4. 2. ST

This combination 10mm SMG and 25mm Grenade Launcher sees generally infrequent use as it has fallen to the wayside in Fabrique's attempts to market their series of Assault Rifles worldwide. It has never been officially released to the NorAm market because the undermounted grenade launcher uses Militech 25mm Grenades, a patent which Fabrique Des Armes does not have permission to use.
U z i   A s s a u l t   2 0 0 8   M o d e l   4
Uzi Assault Model 4
SMG +3 L P 9mm 50 30 ST 550eb

Considered as the standard of the Uzi-2000 caseless refits of the classic IMI Uzi SMG line, the Model 4 uses the classic full-frame IMI Uzi design, but has been rechambered to fire caseless 9mm ammo and has been custom-equipped with assault grips, folding stock and a cooling shroud to survive the extended autofire permitted by the enlarged caseless magazine.
U z i   S u p p o r t   2 0 2 0
IMI Uzi Support Edition
SMG +3 N R 9mm 80 30 ST 1,200eb
HVY -1 N R 25mm 2 2 VR

The latest retrofit on the extinct Uzi line, the 2020 Assault incorporates a Militech 25mm semi-auto grenade launcher to the Model 4 2008 caseless refit. Additionaly, magazines have been extended and a Phase/4 IR/UV laser sight has been added (quickly customizeable to a smartlink also)
H & K   M P 5 0 3 A 3 D 5
HK 503
SMG -1 L R 5.56 30 20 ST 1,000eb

This beast from 2017 is technically a reduced Assault Rifle, firing caseless 5.56Nato munitions from a large-frame SMG. Shown here the MP503 is equipped with a CyberOptic Triangulation Scope and under-mounted laser sight (not included with firearm). These are also known as "flamethrowers" because of the massive flare produced when firing from such a short barrel on full-auto.